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Before your booked session, take a seat in the glassworks and let yourself be inspired and seduced by the magical light from the glass – like syrup, straight out the furnace, that is then turned into a drinking glass.

Will the glass have one color or several?

Will it be a bowl or a creamer jug?

It’s up to you.

Sit down at the glassblowing bench and wait for the lava-like blob that is gathered on the end of the blowpipe. With the block in one hand, you cool and shape the glass, which quickly is shaped to become the object you want.

However, before the shaping can begin, air must be blown into the warm, stretchy blob, which is formed into a ball using the shears.

Another tool is needed in the process – a wooden board called a paddle is used to lightly stroke towards the end of the blob to create a flat bottom for the eventual glass piece.

Now you fix the glass to the punty and can finally begin shaping and creating.

Placing the shears inside and using the outside edge, twist the blob and gradually open the shears to form a creamer jug with a small lip; or perhaps larger still for the rim of a bowl.

Once you are happy with the shape, the finished piece is placed in the cooling oven, and will be ready the very next day.


Book glassblowing for yourself, friends, family, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays or for a corporate event

In one hour, around 6 people can blow their own individual glass, or 10 people can make their own individual bauble.


We can make arrangements for groups of 1 – 30 people, with glassblowing, blasting, engraving and catering, as required.

Book on +46 (0)158 300 258 or by emailing

You can bring with you a comfortable long-sleeved cotton shirt.